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 Titleist Performance Institute

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Lee J.H. Lee and his pholosophy


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About Lee J.H. Lee aka Jonghwa Lee

PGA of Canada since 2008
Titleist Performance Institute CGFI since 2009
Studied Political Science at University of Calgary 2000-2005
UBC Sauder School of Business 2010

Lee J.H. Lee is best known for his work on Combinationa Effect where he contends that every element in a golf swing has to be negated or combined with a counter action, or a counter non-action, on opposing side of movement group.

C-Effect has proven to be successful in providing immediate solution to people with mobility or flexibility issues where compensation is necessary for excessive or lack of movements

Lee's philosophy is to provide immediate solution to better ball striking while necessitating a long term fitness goal that can better distance



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